2017 Musashino City Overview

Up to the Edo period1868-19461947-1957The history of Musashino traces back to the Stone Age (approx. 15,000–30,000 years ago). An archeological excavation that continued since 1962 resulted in the discovery of relics and remains such as stone implements, earthenware and dwellings around Inokashira Pond. In the Edo period, people moved from Edo due to repeated large fires, and the villages of Kichijoji and Nishikubo were born. The villages of Sekimae and Sakai were also formed for reasons such as land development, resulting in the formation of 4 villages. In 1889, the 4 villages of Kichijoji, Nishikubo, Sekimae, and Sakai merged with Iguchi Shinden Tobichi to create the village of Musashino. In the same year, Kobu Railway (present-day Chuo Line) was opened. Sakai railway station was also established that year, and Kichijoji Station in 1899. In 1928, Musashino became a town. In 1938, Nakajima Aircraft Co. opened the Musashino Factory. During the Pacic War, it became the target of aerial attacks, and the surrounding homes also suffered great damage.The city of Musashino was created 2 years after the war ended, on November 3, 1947. The social infrastructure was developed, such as schools, nursery schools, waterworks and sewage and public housing. The population grew and the municipal foundation was built. Collection of garbage and human waste also began, and efforts were underway to improve community health.Grooved relics: These relics were discovered at an excavation conducted in 1996–1997. Many residents have come to see them.Archeological dig at Mt. Gotenyama: A 1962 excavation around Inokashira Pond led to the discovery of pit dwellings from the Jomon period and a variety of earthenware and stone implements.B29 planes bombing the Nakajima Aircraft Co. Musashino Factory: During WWII, the factory was bombed 9 timesSteam locomotive: In 1936, the Seibu Koremasa Line (present-day Tamagawa Line) ran from Musashisakai Station to TamagawaShopping area on Nakacho St., Kichijoji (1951): The shopping street became a bustling place as the population grewMunicipal system established on November 3, 1947: In the same month, the first city council was held Municipal pool opens (1953): The fee for children is the same as today, 10 yen52

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